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This is the page where you come to find out why we made this software or read all about our stellar team

But we won’t bore you with some mumbo jumbo about being the only team to care about our customers or tell you that Bob from accounts enjoys long walks on the beach...

But if you’re here for it, we will happily share a brief Specifi story

Specifi is a complete project management platform designed for the AV industry.

Our platform came around in a pretty unconventional way.

Specifi was originally created for a well-known UK distributor as a tool for their customers. It allowed them to build projects as they shopped.

The initial software (let’s call it Specifi 1.0), was really rather simple; create floors; select products; checkout. But as it grew in popularity, so did its features.

In quite a short amount of time, the software grew to offer pretty much everything an installer could need when quoting a project, and more again.

We recognised its enormous value and so neatly developed it into a powerful package that can be enjoyed by the AV industry the world over.

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