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If you're an AV Installer looking to save time,

look no further than Specifi!

Specifi offers installers over 20 timesaving key features, more than most specification and business tools combined, to help speed up system design, quotations, and more.

Originally created for a well-known UK distributor as a tool for their customers, the initial software (let’s call it Specifi 1.0) allowed integrators to build systems as they shopped and create quotations. In quite a short time, the software grew to offer more features such as automating cable schedules and network maps. Obviously, integrators loved it! They only wished they could use it with products from their other suppliers.

From this, the software’s creators recognised its enormous value to all integrators and suppliers in the AV industry and so Specifi was established.

In July 2021, Specifi was launched as a Proposal Tool and Project Management Platform within the UK and Ireland. In early 2022, the CRM and Time Management functionalities meant that it became a complete business management tool for integrators. The value was undeniable! Fast-forward to today and the software can now help you easily manage all your projects, sales funnel, and team, as well as create outstanding, digital quotations. Our growing list of Suppliers means you have access to over 180,000 products from Habitech, Control4, Gallo Acoustics, and many more.

You can get started today with a 14 day free trial. Our team are dedicated to helping you get set-up for success and so we would love to show you how the platform can work for your business with a free, live demonstration.