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Don't just take our word for it: real-life accounts of how our AV software is making a difference for Custom Installers.

    • For 17 years, I have spent just as much time installing as I have quoting. Getting a proposal right and getting it over the line can take months. Having a professional template that the products drop into automatically, makes quoting a walk in the park. Honestly, if you haven’t signed up yet - you need to! You will be amazed how much hassle it will save you.

      Steve Healy
      Step-A-Side Systems
    • Phil York
      York Smart Homes
    • Matthew Zachrisson-Smith
    • After we completed our first proposal, our client accepted straight away. We would highly recommend it to anyone in the industry.

      Robert Baraniewicz
      RS Controls
    • James Balls
      AB Audio Visual
    • Specifi changed my attitude towards quoting, the fact you can sit down with your client and choose products is a game changer. It's clean, clear and efficient.

      Joe Napper
      Smart System AV Ltd.
    • Lewis Carine
      Kingsted AV
    • It's genuinely excellent! Anyone in the industry looking for the complete package... GET ON THIS!

      Daniel Johnson
      Ohm Smart Ltd.