If you are fed up using many different systems to try and manage your time and your team, then look no further as Specifi keeps everything in one place.

Clock in and out in relation to a job with Timesheets. Enjoy easy management of time off with a Holiday booking system for your whole team. And have full visibility over your tasks, days off, and more with 2-way Calendar integration.


Record where you and your team spend your time. Any Specifi user can use Timesheets to clock-in and when they start work. You can allocate time towards a certain Proposal or Project so that you can see clearly the time that was spent on the job as a whole.

App screenshot
App screenshot


How do you currently track the vacations in your company? Are you paying for yet another application? The Holiday booking system within Specifi is really easy to use and it’s included in all subscription packages. You can add all of your team members and set up departments with a department head who will be able to approve or deny vacation requests. Plus, like everything else, the vacations pull through to your Specifi Calendar. The system will prompt you should there be a clash in your calendar such as setting a task whilst you are off on vacation. Smart!

My Calendar

Have you dreamed of being able to see your entire schedule at a glance? It’s possible! One of the best things about Specifi is that it incorporates all the tools you need to run your day-to-day. My Calendar will pull in all of your tasks, activities, and vacations, basically anything created within Specifi. Plus, when you integrate with your mailing provider, you will see all activities on your Office 365 or G-suite calendar within Specifi too. Nice!

App screenshot