Partnership We are delighted to welcome as our latest supplier partner for all Specifi USA dealers!

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Capture all the data you require in the Specifi CRM


Stay on top of all leads and prospects within the Opportunities tab. The tab provides a place to capture and organize all leads based on the installer’s qualification processes. You choose how the sales pipline is organized to fit your style and terms. The Opportunities pipeline can be created and configured to suit. This enables better tracking of sales opportunities and removes the risk of missing something important.

It’s straightforward to set up and configure the Opportunities Tab. You can create as many stages as you require and name them in relation to your existing pipeline- or start fresh with a process that really works.

Screenshot of Opportunities page
App screenshot


Turning your Opportunities into confirmed projects takes work. Work that you need to plan ahead for. That’s why we created Tasks. This section allows you to methodically plan the next point of contact with any of your leads and clients.

Like Opportunities and Project Stages, the Tasks tab can be set up and configured in a way that makes sense for your business. You can easily assign tasks to yourself or a team member which is then populated in your Calendar. Don't forget the Specifi Calendar can be integrated with Office 365 and G-suite.


The Referrers tab allows you to track where your leads came from. This feature, like many, was added to Specifi at the request of one of our subscribers but we saw massive value in its functionality so it became a permanent fixture for all users.

For example, suppose you frequently work with a building company or an interior designer. In that case, you can track the number of Opportunities that this partnership presents to you, and how many of them become closed/won. This is a great tool to show you where you the best return on your investment.

App screenshot
App screenshot


The Customer tab is the foundation of the CRM. All contacts are stored here, along with their relevant information. You can add an account by customer name or by company name, and you can have multiple contacts relating to that account.

Tasks can be set against the customer and can easily be viewed within the account in the CRM section. Additionally, all proposals and projects relating to the account can be easily accessed. Notes and activities can be recorded by you and your team, and easily accessed for future reference.