WebBuilder A professional website is within reach with the revolutionary Specifi WebBuilder!

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Say Goodbye to Expensive Website Headaches

As an AV Dealer, you should have an effective online presence, but it shouldn't be difficult or costly to achieve. The Specifi WebBuilder offers you a fully customizable website, created by a UX Designer and then fully content managed by you.

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Introductory Pricing

Single Page

£59 / month

  • Onboarding: £399
  • Setup Hours: 4
  • Single Page
  • Unlimited Features
Most Popular

Multipage (3 pages)

£149 / month

  • Onboarding: £799
  • Setup Hours: 8
  • 3 pages
  • Unlimited Features

Multipage (Unlimited)

£249 / month

  • Onboarding: £1,199
  • Setup Hours: 12
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Features

A professional website is within reach with the revolutionary Specifi WebBuilder!

The Specifi WebBuilder promises to be a gamechanger by not only changing the game of AV dealers’ online presence but by completely re-shaping the rules. This innovative tool empowers Specifi dealers to create stunning, dynamic websites directly within the platform.

In the AV industry, websites are often a double-edged sword. The initial creation costs can be hefty, and ongoing maintenance fees for updates and changes add up quickly. The Specifi WebBuilder shatters these limitations by making a professional, effective website affordable for you, the integrator. And after the initial setup, all changes can be easily made by you on its intuitive and simple builder.

Which you are fully trained to navigate.

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App screenshot

Self-Managed with Dynamic Content

Our WebBuilder was primarily designed for ease of use. During your website set-up, you will receive comprehensive training from our expert UX designer to make changes and navigate its AV-specific features. Because it is your website, we want to empower you to manage it independently. This eliminates the need for ongoing maintenance fees you would normally find when outsourcing the development of your site - any updates or changes can be made by you, at your convenience.

The real beauty of the Specifi WebBuilder lies in its dynamic nature. As you keep your Specifi platform updated, your website automatically reflects the latest information. This ensures seamless brand consistency between your online presence and your proposals, eliminating the worry of outdated content.

Effortlessly manage key website elements, including:

  • About Us
  • Contact Information
  • Contact Forms
  • Team Members
  • Brands Offered
  • Services Provided
  • Project Portfolios
  • Testimonials
App screenshot
App screenshot

Fully Customizable and Mobile-Friendly

The Specifi WebBuilder offers a wealth of customization options to create a website that reflects your unique brand identity including colours, fonts and all other brand standards. And if you don’t yet have branding, in your set-up we can help to define this with you. Additionally, our websites are fully responsive, ensuring optimal viewing on any device. You will have the option to view how it will look on mobile, laptop or tablet before it is published.

Seamless Setup and Ongoing Support

Our experts include UX designers and marketing professionals who will guide and support you through the initial setup process, including:

  • Website Design
  • Layout
  • Branding
  • Content Creation
  • SEO Optimisation

Once launched, your website will be hosted on secure Specifi servers and fully managed from your Specifi account. Platinum support comes as standard with all Specifi subscriptions, and this is no different for our WebBuilder. Support is always available for any questions that may arise.

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Changing the rules in AV Integrator Website Design

This revolutionary tool offers a truly remarkable step forward in business management software. Gain complete control over your online presence, achieve brand consistency across all platforms, and eliminate the burden of ongoing website maintenance fees.

The Specifi WebBuilder launches June 3rd, existing customers have secured all slots for June and July. Availability for Website creation and set-up from August onwards. Get in touch to secure your spot, be quick.