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Gone are the days of manually sourcing and ordering products.

As an AV installer using Specifi, you now have a direct connection to your favourite suppliers. Easily, build the system you need, then with one swift click, you can generate and submit a purchase order to each of the suppliers.

It's that simple.

Order by Stage

Based on the Project Stages preconfigured by you, you can allocate each of your products to a stage. When it is time to order, you can filter the products you need based on their stage and only order what you need for the stage of the installation you are working on. This allows you to only have the kit you need when you need it.

App screenshot
App screenshot

Send Multiple Purchase orders to Multiple Suppliers

Your project may consist of products from many different suppliers. Specifi makes it easy to send the relevant product list to the relevant Supplier. Your other suppliers won't see the products that are being ordered from another source.

You can add shipping addresses to your Purchase orders and this can be the client's address, your address, or any alternative address for perhaps a contractor or direct to a site.

Manage Purchase Orders

With Specifi, you will have a full view of all the Purchase Orders that have been sent. Every order has a ‘Status’ and a ‘Fulfillment Status’, and you can change the status depending on the response from your supplier. This will allow you and your team to easily track which products you have ordered and when you can expect to receive them. After you get the stock, you can update the Fulfillment status and mark it complete when everything has arrived. What’s more, as Specifi connects with your Accounts package, you can handle your income and expenditure within the platform, and add invoices to Purchase Orders.

App screenshot